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"Brother, Dear Brother..."
("Oniisama E...")

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Saint-Juste       "Brother, Dear Brother..." ("Oniisama E..." [lit. "To my older brother..."]) was an anime series shown on NHK TV from July 1991 thru April 1992, based on the manga by the great Riyoko IKEDA.  Another manga series she authored was "Rose of Versailles" which also became an anime.   This anime is a shoujo art-melodrama about life in an elite Western-style high school somewhere in Japan.  We are great fans of the series, and in fact, feel that it may be one of the greatest classics of all shoujo/ladies TV anime series.  No shoujo anime fan should miss seeing it.  This is an awesome anime of heart-wrenching passion, majestic power, and unforgettable beauty.  NOT for children.
    This 39-episode drama (NHK pay-TV 1991) is about a girl ("Nanako") in a girl's private boarding school.  The drama was probably meant for a late-evening female upper-class audience.  The manga it is based on was published in the late 70's, and is hard to find today.   The only other shoujo drama with a look at all like it is "Rose of Versailles" (based on manga by the same author, Riyoko Ikeda),
Mariko and Nanako   The story revolves around the traumas of young adulthood, including a family mystery, plottings of a murder, teen suicide, cruelty, hazing, difficult love triangles, death, disease, jealousy, and especially a doomed lesbian romance.   Despite it all, the main character, Nanako, manages to grow up and find happiness.
    As with nearly all of Japanese shoujo animation, there is a gender-twister in the story -- a tragic bishounen character who, in this case, actually IS a woman... and who becomes for a while the object of fascination for Nanako.
     Nudity and sexual situations are not actually depicted directly in the story, but this story is not suitable for young children because of some of the emotionally-charged lesbian and teen-suicide subject matter. This was broadcast on Italian TV, and the TV board there forced a few episodes to be skipped -- but at least it was on public TV for a while. It also appeared on French TV, but was quickly banned outright.
    Our translator for the series is Yoko Okamoto (and her friend Ken) of San Jose, CA, who is wonderfully adept at evoking the poetic nature of the script.
    Other than our page here, there is little information on the Internet about "Oniisama E".  Another English-language page is the one by M. Kelly.

NanakoMariko Shinobu
Our Fansub
  of Eps. 1-4
     In volume 1, we meet Nanako, who has just been accepted into Seiran High School, an elite private girl's school. On her first day, she meets three remarkable classmates, and is befriended by a mysterious, pugnacious, but beautiful freshman. She is quickly drawn into the exciting competition for membership in the exclusive school sorority. Jealousies, resentments, secrets, and a campaign of slander and deception soon turn her first weeks of school life into a whirling storm of emotional pain and threaten the friendship that means the most to her. Mysteries even surface concerning her own family. Through it all, her faithful correspondence with the one she calls her "brother" continues, though even he is not exactly who she thinks... [Current Revision: 3].


A dream of Miya-sama attacking NanakoNanako escapes in the rain
Our Fansub
of Eps. 5-8
    The story continues, with both Nanako and Saint-Juste separately becoming victims of violence at the hands of their classmates;  a chance meeting between Nanako and Takehiko; Nanako decides to resign her membership; a look at the dark side of Saint-Juste and Saint-Juste's namesake; Miya-sama takes decisive action regarding Nanako's membership in the Sorority; and Mariko's very unusual birthday party, Nanako being the only guest invited...!  This part of the series has some splendid voice acting and some very haunting melodrama, and more of those breathtaking stills flashing onto the screen to stun the eyes. Current Revision: (1).
Ep. 5: Thorns of Doubt and Suspicion
Ep. 6: Lost and Alone
Ep. 7: The Darkness in the Clock Tower
Ep. 8: I Want You.
    Also included is a generous helping of fan notes, comments, and trivia.  Warning: this tape for MATURE audiences.  Contains some very adult subject matter, some tasteful non-erotic nudity, mild violence, and some adult language.  Though the tape does not contain graphic sexuality, it is strictly for adult shoujo anime fanatics only. 
Mariko broods on her lonelinessOur Fansub
of Eps. 9-12
    In volume 3: Nanako, at school the next day, still has not recovered from the stunning incident at Mariko's birthday party.  Nor has Mariko herself, and the tension between the two of them quickly rises -- to the breaking point -- and beyond.  Meanwhile, we learn more about the nature of Kaoru-no-Kimi's mysterious illness, and her prognosis for the future, as Nanako must act as go-between in a mission of mercy.  Soon, Nanako finds herself holding someone's life in her hands, and we as viewers experience the full force of the Japanese ethic of Offense and Forgiveness.  Then, the imperious Miya-sama once again exerts her strange control over Saint-Juste, causing an incident which not only threatens the despondent girl's life, but pulls Nanako deeper into the conflict between these two strong personalities, resulting finally in exposing the shocking secret between Saint-Juste and Miya-sama -- or at least, part of it.  Miya-sama then issues a very chilling warning to Nanako.

Saint-Juste and the doll     As before, the tape contains 7 minutes of credits, fan information, comments, analysis, speculation, and extra music.  We hope you find it useful or intriguing.
    Episodes 9 and 10 actually comprise the end of the story segment concerning Shinobu Mariko.  Episodes 11 and 12 begin a story centered around Saint-Juste.  Nanako, of course, is in the middle of it all.
    Everyone we know who has seen this was shocked by the revelation in episode 12.  Please don't give it away to others!
    This is volume 3, revision 1, 12-20-97, 111 minutes.

Ep. 9: Relapse; Broken Heart
Ep. 10: Mariko
Ep. 11: Under the Elm Tree
Ep. 12: The Scar

Saint-Juste suddenly picks up NanakoOur Fansub of Eps. 13-16
    In volume 4: Nanako, already stunned by learning Saint-Juste's secret, finds herself irresistably pulled again and again to that fifth-floor apartment.   But it is Kaoru-no-Kimi who is picking up the pieces of the broken person called Asaka Rei.   Soon, though, Nanako's altruistic pursuit of Saint-Juste suddenly reverses, and Nanako finds herself in mortal danger at the hands of a mad-woman.   We the viewer are gently shown the true origin of "the scar" -- an origin far more frightening than Nanako herself suspected, and portending serious consequences for Nanako herself.
Miya-sama caresses a shocked Nanako   At this point in the story, the voice actors have attained a mastery of their roles, especially the impressive Shimamoto Sumi playing the drugged, deranged Saint-Juste.   In volume 4, the fan is treated to a few moments of some of the most heart-wrenching vocal effects that you will find in any anime.
    Revision 1 was completed on 5-27-98.

--------- Volume 4 -----------
13. "A Tale of Double Suicide" -- brought to you by Uei Lam
14. "The Secret Door" -- brought to you by Uei Lam
15. "Fukiko; The Sea Rumbles" -- brought to you by Mandy Robbins
16. "Comeback" -- brought to you by Bruce Pregger

Our Fansub of Eps. 17-20
Fear and doubt overcome Nanako as soon as she is 
alone."It happened suddenly, my Brother...   My heart began to race.  I felt flushed and hot.  Though I wasn't sad...   there seemed to be tears welling up in my eyes."   [Nanako, episode 17]
   In volume 5: Love comes to all -- old love, new love, lost love, true love... everyone (except maybe Tomoko) seems to be in love.   Nanako takes it the hardest, as her emotional world comes crashing down on her, out of control.  For Mariko, it is a rollercoaster ride between tragedy and bliss with no median;  for Kaoru-no-Kimi it is too dangerous to allow memories to become too real once again; for Henmi it is something which he is powerless to change; ...  and for Fukiko and Saint-Juste it remains a mystery just barely beyond our understanding.

Nanako twirls 
in her new dress (movie)   Though volume 5 has less action than the preceding volumes, it more than makes up for it in beauty.   In fact, this is the loveliest screenplay we have ever seen in the anime medium, especially in episode 19, an episode that caused Yoko, Ken,  and Barbara to all tear out their hair in their frustration at trying to convey the full emotional impact and subtleties of the script.  Eps. 19-20 have especially stunning artwork as well, even more so than the previous episodes, with many gorgeous pastels to terminate the scenes and some of the largest and most beautiful "pan cels" you'll ever see.  Without a doubt, this is one of the great works of anime literature.
Fukiko angrily glares out into the night.Fukiko 
shreds Nanako's invitation
Revision 1 is dated 8-8-98.

--------- Volume 5 -----------
17. "Post Scriptum"  -- brought to you by Victoria & William Morrison
18. "Into the Dream..."  -- brought to you by "An Appreciative Fan"
19. "The Utakata Game" -- brought to you by Elijah Van der Giessen
20. "The Gardening Shears" -- brought to you by Rock Leblond
If you click on the little picture of Nanako twirling before the mirror (above) you will see a movie.  (530K)

Our Fansub of Eps. 21-24
Fukiko beckons from the water's surfaceWe've all been used to thinking of her as the "evil villainess" of the series, but it's a good idea to remember that Fukiko (Miya-sama) is a Riyoko Ikeda villain, and such things are never so simple!  Is it possible that this is a woman in love?  If so, with whom?   Is she in love with someone or something which never really existed, and her rage is only a symptom of a losing battle with hopeless tragedy?   Or has she dealt with all her emotional disappointments as betrayals, and sworn to take vengence for each one of them?
Fukiko explodes into a rage    In volume 6: First, there is the matter of the University Fair!  Nanako, Mariko, and Tomoko meet to tour the university grounds with Henmi Takehiko, but Mariko has a not-so-hidden agenda -- to make sure that Nanako and Tomoko are safe from the molestations of men.   However, Mariko proves to be the most vulnerable of them all!  Her attempts to protect her friends from the dangers that only she can see end up overwhelming and exhausting her.   But suddenly, there is someone at her side, patiently watching over HER.  This is one of the funniest episodes in the series, and a lighthearted episode like this was sorely needed on this tape, considering the three episodes which follow it.
    Episodes 22-24 are a downward spiral of mystery and hidden passions of the past.  Finally, the truth is revealed about Rei and Fukiko's family relationship, and the key moment of Fukiko's past is slowly uncloaked for us to see.  Once again, Rei must bear the force of undeserved rage.  Once again, a knife is picked up in anger.  Once again, Nanako endures terror for reasons she cannot understand.
    Koyama Mami delivers an astounding vocal performance, playing both the 18-year-old Fukiko and the 12-year-old Fukiko.  Revision 1 is dated 11-27-98.  At the end of the tape, a short extra video showing the Enka vocalist Sakamoto Fuyumi is appended.  Sakamoto-san sings the introductory music for the fansub.
---------- Volume 6 -----------
21.  "The University Fair" -- brought to you by "A Fan of Reigen Senshi Hinako"
22.  "A Summerís Serenade" -- brought to you by Bryant Babin
23.  "The Forbidden Gift" -- brought to you by Bryant Babin
24.  "Encore" -- brought to you by Susie Lee

Our Fansub of Eps. 25-28
The announcement of Mariko's fate.   We could almost entitle volume 7 as "The End of Her Rope."  Here we see four characters, Saint-Juste, Miya-sama, Mariko, and Nanako herself -- all reach their breaking point.  The drama is very high and the tension is even higher.   Volume 7, and in particular episode 27, is the turning point of the story, and the direction of the story becomes very apparent.
   Episodes 25 and 26 end the Saint-Juste/Miya-sama story begun in episode 22.  Finally, all is revealed about the obsessive bond that ties the pair's fate together.   Then in episodes 27 and 28 are revealed the secrets which are tormenting Mariko, and once again we see her lose control.  The climax of episode 27 is unforgettable.
   Please note that this series is for MATURE VIEWERS ONLY.   Episode 25 is the one which caused this series to be banned in Italy and France, and which will probably forever prevent this work from being completely commercialized in a Western country.  This episode contains shocking behavior which is other than heterosexual in nature.  (Note that even then, since this is true shoujo anime, there is no nudity or graphic depiction of sexual acts.)  Do not show this in public, or to children, without parental consent.  This volume also contains violence and offensive language.
---------- Volume 7 -----------
25.  "The Scarlet Lipstick" -- brought to you by Elijah Van der Giessen
26.  "The Promise in the Snow" -- brought to you by "Oscar Francois"
27.  "An Incident of Bloodshed" -- brought to you by Ken Hardwick
28.  "The Christmas Candles" -- brought to you by "Eriu"

Our Fansub of Eps. 29-32
Borgia conceives a plan to overthrow Miya-sama      Controversy and strife surrounding the Sorority come to a head, and a revolution unfolds on campus. A charismatic leader emerges who is willing to challenge the entire Sorority, and she begins a petition campaign to force the School Board to consider the matter. Meanwhile, Miya-sama begins to feel trapped, and powerful senior Sorority members decide to take the matter into their own hands.
   Tension remains very high in volume 8.

--------- Volume 8 -----------
29.  "The Assembly" -- brought to you by Bernard Bunuan
30.  "The Petition" -- brought to you by David Simmons
31.  "The Bad Apple" -- brought to you by Trajan Gutierrez
32.  "Pride, and the Final Meeting" -- brought to you by "The Fellowship of the Rose"

Our Fansub of Eps. 33-35
The sunset reminds Nanako of the emptiness she feels

When sudden tragedy strikes, all other issues seem to subside into insignificance. Friends and kin draw close together in search of comfort. The cruel truth is too terrible to bear, and the loss is too deep to endure.

The Technogirls recommend you watch this volume with a friend.

Because of the flow of the story, this volume consists of only 3 episodes. The next volume completes the series.

--------- Volume 9 -----------
33.  "Fly High" -- brought to you by Tra Gutierrez
34.  "Ablutions" -- brought to you by Lawrence Ladia, "Dedicated to Jillawee"
35.  "The Beach of Dreams" -- brought to you by Ayame

Script Excerpts

    Here is an excerpt from our script of episode 1.  I added the prose part to illuminate the script, and to make it read like a screenplay.

    [Nanako is on the bus, riding to her first day at Seiran School. A sudden lurch of the bus throws her against a slender, elegantly-dressed tall man with long hair, and a sad, faraway expression. Or at least, that is her first impression of the stranger.  Nanako doesn't know yet that the "man" is Asaka Rei, "Hana no Saint-Juste", her classmate, a woman....]

Nanako: "I'm sorry!"

[She notices that the stranger is wearing a wide golden bracelet set with many colored stones.]

Nanako: "What a beautiful bracelet...."

Bus driver: "Seiran School, this stop."

[Nanako struggles through the crowded bus...]

Nanako: (panicking) "Oh, I get off here! Please let me get off!"

Nanako falls into the arms of Saint-Juste [Nanako trips and falls while getting off the bus -- but the strong hands of the tall stranger catch her, lowering her to the ground.]

Nanako: "I'm so sorry! I'm not used to this bus yet!"

Saint-Juste: (picking up something she'd dropped) "Here -- you dropped this..."

[Nanako is stunned for a moment.]

The words echo in Nanako's mind: "Here -- you dropped this..."

Nanako: (narrating) "When she spoke, her voice was clear like a bell, yet also deep and soothing like a gentle breeze blowing through my soul..."


    Later, Nanako broods in the Seiran Clock Tower, reading the graffiti from years past on the interior walls...

Nanako lost in thought"I'm not alone...!

    "There have been many before me who came here to cry. When they lost their courage to continue, they would come to this dark tower.  When they lost love, and when they lost friendship...  ...they found in this tower a place to escape embrace themselves -- and to wet their knees with their warm tears..."

    "Last year, the year before last, and many many years before that...  So many sisters over these many years, coming here to share their pain... "

Some Personal Comments From the TechnoGirls
From Barbara:
    People sometimes ask about plot elements of the series, and what happens... but you know, this show isn't one about plots and events, for the most part.  It's about shockingly concealed character flaws, obsessive behavior, warped emotions due to childhood trauma, and the pervasive fear of a world filled with powerful, unpredictable, neurotic people who can either hurt you or help you based on their whims which you have no hope of understanding...  and then there is that terrifying realization you get, that your entire emotional world is based on things which are so fragile that they can be broken in one second.  Such tiny things are capable of changing the infinite future.
    For instance, here we have an image of Saint-Juste holding some pills in her hand... will she take them... or throw them away?  Everything in the story depends on what she decides next!  And in the final analysis, her decision turns out to be based on another whim.  This reminds us of that capricious dancing fairy mentioned in the ending song who rains love down on the lucky few... none of us ever know if our turn is next or not.  When you're young and your idealism runs headlong into these realizations, things become very grim very fast.  Who needs plot when all this is going on?  This is more intense than something with a complicated plot.  And this show doesn't even have TIME for a complicated plot!  This is a very "right-brained" show.  Kind of an "emotional X-files".  It's a gothic psychological horror series -- made without any of the usual things we associate with gothic horror.  It's unique.
   (not available yet)
   (not available yet)

Some Comments We've Received

    Here are some comments we've received from individuals and clubs, some as far away as Brazil.  They're nearly ALL like this!
Ichinomiya Fukiko (Miya-sama)    I watched Volume 1 a few weeks ago and was quite impressed, so was pleased to have the opportunity to watch volume 2.  What you are doing with this show is a miracle.    A note on translating.  My knowledge of Japanese is really rather limited but even I can tell that in some places you have "chosen your words carefully" to give the greatest impact that is consistent with the story.  Even the title (which might have been translated as "To: My brother" or some other such sterile name as /I/ might have come up with seems to be carefully chosen to reflect the reverence/kinship she has for "brother".  There have been numerous other beautiful examples, that escape my mind at the moment.  Normally I tend to go for the sterile "exact/literal" translation (helps me with my study of the language) but in this case I feel I get more out of what they say by reading YOUR translations.
   Thank you so very much for all your efforts on this wonderful series.  I beg of you to keep up the good work.  Despite the fact that I have only seen seven and a half episodes (the second half of 8 was missing on my tape -- that's fansubs for you) this is rapidly becoming my favorite series of all time.  Anime just doesn't get much better than this!  (D.D.)
   I'm thoroughly enjoying it (especially since I'm a die-hard Rose of Versailles fan and wanted to see something else created by Ikeda) and look forward to the rest of the series as it comes out.  I've even managed to hook a friend of mine who isn't particularly into anime; I loaned him 1-8 and he later told me that he watched it straight through and had no memory of actually changing the tapes.  ^_^
    I REALLY love it! I've watched up to 12 episodes, and Im gonna get the rest.  Also, Im kinda curious.  You see, I saw one webpage who gave a rating of 2 for Brother Dear Brother.  I was kinda mad about that ^_^  Cause I really think that Brother Dear Brother is an EXCELLENT show! But then I told this to my sister.  And then we were both discussing that maybe the person thought it was pretty weird how those girls were like attracted to one another etc.  etc.  'Cause actually, I came from an all-girls schools too in my country, a private school in the Philippines (another Asian country) and believe me, I totally understand that "three great ones"  situation, where the students idolize (to the point of madness, no not madness, that's a wrong word, but I guess sort of super super idolizing)  certain students, cause I had that in my school too.  Even that scene where the girls play the GUY part. In my school, my classmates were like:  "Oh he's sooo cute!!!" And I was like: "HEy! ??  That's a girl remember?" ^_^  But now that Im here in America, and I think about my high school times in my country, I find it pretty weird now ^_^  [S.D.]
    I was recently exposed to Brother, Dear Brother.  And I like the series very much.  I love Ikeda Riyoko sensei's style.  How she uses stills to create dramatic tension, how she uses the visuals and the sounds of the background to enhance the interaction between the characters in the foreground...  Not only that, your translation and subtitling have made it an enjoyable experience to watch this series.  Thank you very much.  (H.Y.)
    I got the tapes I requested in the mail today, far earlier than I expected! Amazing! I had gotten tapes from you before, but never seen your actual subbing work, which is great! I'm really impressed! Love the trailer that you ran at the beginning of "Oniisama e" and "Mizuiro Jidai". Really nice, informative, and with great music! (P.S.)
  I was delighted to see that my tapes had arrived when I got home from a trip.  Immediately I watched "Oniisama E" and I loved it! When I was in Japan a week ago,I looked for the comic book but couldn't find it. Now I know what a treat I missed. Thank you for doing a wonderful job!  I think the video labels are very cute!  Again, thank you so much!  (M.Y.)
   I just got a chance to watch the first volume of "Brother Dear Brother". All I can say is, "WOW!".  Thanks for bringing that show to light.  This is exactly why I watch anime.  Because they do things that I would never see here.  These characters have depth, and they are not predictable.  And the show doesn't end with "bad guy of the week gets defeated".   What a neat show this is.  Hope I can see more soon. (D.D.)
    If your memory is good, you may recall my statement that I wasn't sure that I'd like BDB from your Web page descriptions, but wanted to give it a try. Count me in the population of people who *did* like it, very much. It's a more difficult proposition to say exactly *why* I liked it -- the rather poisonous culture of this girl's school is both foreign and repellent to me, and I don't particularly like any of the characters, including the IMO somewhat insipid Nanako-san. However, it's one of the more *intense* anime series I have had the chance to see, provided by excellent, expressive artwork and excellent voice acting. In it, I perceive an atmosphere pregnant with menace telling of still more intensity to come.   (K.H.)
   I think that Oniisama E.. is one of the best things since sliced bread.  But not quite so practical.  The show is absolutely brilliant -- I can't see how anybody COULDN'T like it, but recognize that lots of people don't.  (E.G.)
  Wow, great show.  I love the moodily rendered Blackjack artstyle and gripping storyline.  Looking forward to seeing more. (J.G.)
Shinobu Mariko   I've rewatched vol1 about 3 times since getting it:)  It's *really* good, I'd go as far to say already it's one of my very favorite tv animes ever if not the one:)  I've read some of the manga--and really enjoyed it but the anime is *really* well done from it. I'd say it's one of the best anime works *ever*,  From what I've seen, also one of the best adaptations of a manga I've seen, it isn't completely faithful, which often can be a flaw, but it brilliantly captures the work in spirit.  Honestly--I must have watched the tape at least 3 times this week, and I constantly think about it--it's so amazingly well written and directed and just done:)  The script was quite poetic.  Either way--I mean it worked wonderfully--it felt right.  Even with some of the best fansubed animes out there sometimes lines of dialog just don't feel right, and I guess for fansubs just having a readable translation may be enough in essence, as you can sorta imagine the rest, but it does makje a big difference, especially to shojo.  And especially for Oniisama. Versailles did a similar thing too--but not quite as successfully and with so much, umm, Idunno:) as Oniisama.  but that is very much a trademark of Ikeda's mangas too--big action poses like that at the ends of scenes, etc.  I'm glad the animation brought them over. (E.H.)
   The amount of cherry blossoms is phenomenal; the shining, regal and beautiful personality centers stand 8 feet tall :) What I also thought was a really nice touch were those stills of grand exits and entrances, with hair and dresses flowing majestically. It really adds to the--how do you explain it--greatness, the power, of the series' shoujo elements. This is a very, very impressive shoujo anime. Maybe this will be the next contemporary great in fandom. More. I want more! (M.D.)
   I just watched Volume 1 of this series from the Techno-Girls earlier today.  Wow....  If you haven't seen this show and you have the means, I highly recommend picking up a copy. (T.W.)
  I got the first volume of Oniisama E... you have sent me, several weeks ago.  And just wanted to say that  you are doing a wonderful work. A commercial company  wouldn't do it better. That's for sure. (C.I. in Brazil)
  I received the first volume of "Oniisama E" yesterday and I'd like to say I'm really impressed with your work.  The format and introduction were beyond my expectations, so it was more than worth the wait!  If you're interested in any articles that discuss this series you might want to check out "" then go to the English section.  This French-made homepage has an interesting commentary called "Forbidden Love" that mentions "Oniisama E".  If any of you understand French you would definitely love the article that solely talks about the series in the French section.  The writer and creator of this webpage, René Gilbert, gives a very good analysis and how it compares with Ikeda's "Rose de Versailles". Once again thanks for the effort you put behind this project. Good luck on completing the next volume! (B.B.)
    HURRY UP AND FINISH IT!!!!!!!  I CAN'T STAND THE SUSPENSE!!!!!!!!!!  I may have been hooked when I first saw Wedding peach, but i became ADDICTED when I first saw BDB.  It is by far the BEST ANIME I have seen to date.  I have a personal anime collection that has recently exploded in size to over 200 tapes and I have seen lots of other anime over the last three years (I am rather new to anime in general).  BDB is the most compelling story I have seen yet.  This story actually has me glued to the TV each time.  This is more of a soap opera than anything that the networks could ever dream up...    The artwork is stunning to say the least.  The stills that are used to accent dramatic points and scene changes are breathtaking.  The music is so dramatic and moving (I especially love the opening theme now).  (P.S.)
   Hello everyone--- I found your webpage a few weeks ago and just had to get my hands on Brother Dear Brother...  I just have to say that after watching every episode, I lay on the couch and made Homer-esque "aaaaaahhhh" noises.  WOW!!  What a truly kick-ass job you did!  ...anyway, I'm dying to see the rest of BDB!  I can barely stand the suspense... (M.M.)

For Sale
The Nanako/Poupee doll   This lovely "Nanako/Ma Cherie La Poupee" doll (Saint-Juste's doll) stands about 18 inches tall and is elegantly dressed in burgundy velvet, jeweled white lace trim, with head and limbs of hand painted porcelain.
   Though this doll is not an official "Oniisama E" piece of merchandise, its uncanny resemblence to the doll of the anime will stun you.  Posing stand included.  Every fan of the series will instantly recognize it. Available for $28 plus postage/handling.  ($8 in the US).  To order, send us email. (See our main page to get our email address.)
We sold out again.  But we're trying to find more. If we find more, we'll post the information here, so check from time to time.


Support and Sponsorship

    Production of the "Brother, Dear Brother..." fansub series is made possible by individual sponsorship, at a level of $50 per episode.  To pledge support, send us email, indicating that you would like to support "Brother, Dear Brother..." by sponsoring an episode.   Sponsors will get their name prominently mentioned gratefully in the fansub as a benefactor. You can specify what name is to be used -- or an alias if you like. To avoid confusion, we will assign supporters to episodes, but we will do so approximately in order as received.  Your support covers only translation and mastering expenses -- we buy the laserdisks and equipment out of our own pocket -- and of course, do all the work.   Sponsors do not automatically receive a tape of the completed show, though we make sure it is possible for them to obtain one if they wish.  If you are an anime club or just a generous individual, you can support all four episodes in a volume. If so, we'll include text and graphics of your choice telling about your club, or organization. (Subject to approval of contents.) You can ask for up to a half minute of video.
    Sponsors are listed alongside their episodes.

Episode List

(note: Barbara translated some of these, so some of them may be completely wrong!  Also, titles of episodes not subtitled yet are tentative even if Yoko translated them. )

--------- Volume 1 -----------
1. Karei Naru Hitobito (The Magnificent Ones) -- brought to you by Charles K. Hurst (paid)
2. Garusu no Kutsu (The Glass Slippers) -- brought to you by anonymous (paid)
3. Nanako Yakkou (Nanako is Disqualified) -- brought to you by Erik L. Schweitzer (paid)
4. Orugouru (The Music Box) -- brought to you by "Anime Fan No.1" (paid)

--------- Volume 2 -----------
5. Toge no Giwaku (Thorns of Suspicion and Doubt) -- brought to you by Janet Gauntt (paid).
6. Mayoi Michi Hitori (Lost and Alone) -- brought to you by C.Y.L. (paid)
7. Yami no Tokei Tou (The Darkness in the Clock Tower) -- brought to you by Robot Ghost (paid)
8. Anata Ga Hoshii (I Want You) -- brought to you by Victoria & William Morrison (paid)

--------- Volume 3 -----------
9. "Relapse!" -- brought to you by Galaxy Express 999 BBS (paid)
10. "Mariko" -- brought to you by Tim Woodard (paid)
11. "Under the Elm Tree" -- brought to you by Clarissa Iwasa (paid)
12. "The Scar" -- brought to you by Clarissa Iwasa (paid)

Miya-sama riding--------- Volume 4 -----------
13. "A Tale of Double Suicide" -- brought to you by Uei Lam (paid)
14. "The Secret Door" -- brought to you by Uei Lam (paid)
15. "Fukiko; The Sea Rumbles" -- brought to you by Mandy Robbins (paid)
16. "Comeback" -- brought to you by Bruce Pregger (paid)

--------- Volume 5 -----------
17. "Post Scriptum"  -- brought to you by Victoria & William Morrison (paid)
18. "Into the Dream..."  -- brought to you by "An Appreciative Fan" (paid)
19. "The Utakata Game" -- brought to you by Elijah Van der Giessen (paid)
20. "The Gardening Shears" -- brought to you by Rock Leblond (paid)

--------- Volume 6 -----------
21.  "The University Fair" -- brought to you by "A Fan of Reigen Senshi Hinako" (paid)
22.  "A Summerís Serenade" -- brought to you by Bryant Babin (paid)
23.  "The Forbidden Gift" -- brought to you by Bryant Babin (paid)
24.  "Encore" -- brought to you by Susie Lee  (paid)

--------- Volume 7 -----------
25.  "The Scarlet Lipstick" -- brought to you by Elijah Van der Giessen (paid)
26.  "The Promise in the Snow" -- brought to you by "Oscar Francois"
27.  "An Incident of Bloodshed" -- brought to you by Ken Hardwick (paid)
28.  "The Christmas Candles" -- brought to you by "Eriu" (paid)

--------- Volume 8 -----------
29.  "The Assembly" -- brought to you by Bernard Bunuan (paid)
30.  "The Petition" -- brought to you by David Simmons (paid)
31.  "The Bad Apple" -- brought to you by Trajan Gutierrez (paid)
32.  "Pride, and the Final Meeting" -- brought to you by "The Fellowship of the Rose" (paid)

--------- Volume 9 -----------
33.  "Fly High" -- brought to you by Tra Gutierrez (paid)
34.  "Ablution" -- brought to you by Lawrence Ladia, "Dedicated to Jillawee" (paid)
35.  "The Beach of Dreams" -- brought to you by Ayame (paid)

--------- Volume 10 -----------
36.  "Glowing Fireflies,  Blazing Passion" -- brought to you by Beth J. and Jim N. (paid)
37.  "Carousel" -- brought to you by Melissa Farrell (paid)
38.  "Yes" -- brought to you by Elizabeth Mendoza
39.  "A Lingering Fragrance" This is the final episode -- brought to you by Joe A Williams, Jr. (paid)

Some Interesting Links

    Translation of some of the Italian version of the "Oniisama E" manga into English.

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