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The TechnoGirls Main Page
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Product Preview

Subsonic is a versatile multimedia presentation program for video production. It is intended for makers of subtitled foreign films, karaoke, "slide show" videos, and other video production applications requiring accurately timed text, graphics, and sound.

This was originally intended to be a commercial product, but work stopped on it.  In its present form, without additional debugging, help, or support, Subsonic will be released as freeware.  Subsonic is a subtitling program for PC's using Windows 3.1 or Windows 95. Some of its features:

1. Uses any font you can install in Windows, including special characters, with or without variations (bold, underline, italic, etc). Display Katakana/Hiragana/Kanji too -- just install the fonts.

2. All fonts displayed with double, single, or invisible outlines, anti-aliased or layered, any color, however you want them. Want a hollow (see-through) red font with a dark grey outline? Or a yellow solid font with a dark brown outline and a dark grey anti-alias second outline? Easy.

3. Suitable for both chroma and luminance keying genlocks.

4. Four independantly-timed channels plus a graphics channel allow for many simultaneous text events with arbitrary overlapping timing. One channel handles both graphics and text, the other 3 handle text only.

5. Script editor includes a full WAVE-FILE GRAPHIC TIMING INTERFACE. You point to the sound, and the timing is automatically noted in your script. Doublecheck your timing by playing back the sound. Never again go through the agony of reworking your timing over and over!  Features versatile use of cursors and markers.

6. Scripted wave-file playback. (You can put the name of a wave file in the script, and it will start playing at the time indicated.) Make a slide show, with both subtitles and sound, if you like -- Subsonic is useful even WITHOUT a genlock or a video source.

7. 99 user font/color/outline styles, plus 99 line formats/positions, each predefined by the user.

8. Fully embedded character formatting. You can easily display complex "MiXtUrEs" of fonts, fontsizes, colors, outline styles, etc. even WITHIN a single word, if you like. If you're clever, you'll see that you can also do quasi-animated text. ('winking' characters or symbols, rainbow-color ripples, etc).

9. Completely automated paragraph formatting: left flush, left flush centered (used by most professionals), centered (used by most fansubbers), right flush centered, and right flush. OR -- manually formatted text, using the preview, to get EXACTLY what you want. Each channel can simultaneously run a different format, positioning system, color scheme, font characteristic, etc.

   Subsonic is freeware.  It has bugs, undocumented features, and may destroy your work or otherwise cause unexpected problems.  It has only a partially complete help file.  I apologize, but I cannot take the time needed to perfect this software right now, or to help people who want to try to use it.