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  • Album: (CD above) Toshiba TOCT-10316, "Futari Saki", 12 songs, 1998, Y3059, Song rating 8, performance 9

    What more can I say... This is great material from a performer whose grace notes can melt your heart. The pure beauty of her voice is matched by the incredible precision of each syllable. This woman is at the height of her career and if you like Enka at all, you'll want to hear some of her songs. She is an amazing talent. Regardless of her stunning abilities, if you are not used to Enka, you might want to wait to listen to her. That is based on the theory that you might want to start with music which is closer to Western music. On the other hand, maybe it's best to just dive right in! Quality is quality.
    Album: Toshiba TOCT-9964 "Zen Kyoku Shuu" "Complete Song Collection", 16 songs, 1997, Y3059, Song rating 9, performance 8
    I'd recommend this album to anyone. The songs are first class, and Sakamoto-san's performance is wonderful. If I had to choose, I would select this album as the first of her albums to buy, but it's a hard choice because the quality is uniformly high.

    Album: Toshiba TOCT-9662 "Zenkyokushuu" "Complete Song Collection", 16 songs, 1996, Y3059, Song rating 8, performance 9.
    A spendid "zenkyokushuu" the year previous to the above album. This album has some songs in a non-Enka style which I really enjoyed listening to, though of course it had several of her "standards" too. In fact, there are a couple of songs which appear on all 3 of the above CD's. That's really good if you're only going to buy one. To differentiate this from the Zenkyokushuu of the following year, I'd say that these songs have a more personal style and it was a real treat hearing them because of that. Frankly, when a performer is this good, it's hard to say anything less than glowing about an album. If you picked this as your first album by Sakamoto-san, you'd not be disappointed.

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