Sending Payments

  We will start making the items you requested immediately.   By requesting tapes and DVDR's, you have promised to claim them promptly.  To claim your items,
you can send your payment by one of two methods: (1) payment by mail, or (2) payment by

You may send your payment in US dollars to:

Barbara Chambers
Suite M Box G
245 Mt. Hermon Rd.
Scotts Valley CA 95066

US residents: you may send cash, money order, personal check, travellers checks, unused US postage stamps, or any combinations of the above.

If you are outside the US: you may send US-dollar payments as cash (US banknotes), US-dollar money orders, personal cheques in US dollars drawn on US banks, or unused US postage stamps.  Always send payments by airmail.

NOTE on stamps: Paying with stamps is a way to avoid money order fees at post offices. I will use the stamps to send packages to you and others who request tapes.  I prefer stamps with denominations of $1, $2, $3.20, and $5. Please do not send stamps with denominations lower than $0.50.  Sending stamps saves me time and you money.

NOTE on money orders from outside the US:  Some good US-dollar money orders are: Thomas Cook, First USA, Bank One, Bank of America,  Canadian International US-dollar money orders, and any other US-dollar money order which has a US routing code on the lower left of the instrument
in magnetic ink numbers.  "Electronic transfers" from Italy, Spain, and France are NOT acceptable.  If you are not sure, please ask us before sending a money order.  Some money orders are actually "drafts" or "warrants" which require a large conversion fee which we must pay, so we cannot accept them.  Australians: Western Union International dollar money orders are OK.

NOTE on cash:  We have a private mail service, and so far we believe that no cash has been lost.  Members outside the US often send cash
(US banknotes) because the cost of money orders is very high.  If you send cash, please conceal the money in the envelope so that it cannot be seen easily.  If you are outside the US, remember that mail could be lost in the country of origin.  However, sending cash has been a reliable method of payment.  Members outside the US may want to consider using's international service also.

Members may use the new service if they wish.  This makes payment very fast and easy, and you can use a credit card or you can transfer money directly from your checking account.
  Previously, payments were taken with They have closed down, however, and now only Paypal remains. Note that Paypal is charging us a commission of about 2% of all money you send us.

Please follow these instructions carefully. You must have an email address, a credit card or US checking account, and an Internet connection.

If you are not a registered member of Paypal, joining is free and easy.  By using the link below, Paypal will send us a bonus of $5 when your account is activated.  Please use this link to register:
Paypal link with Technogirls referral

If you are already a member, just go straight to and log in.

At the website, click on the "send money" link.  A form will appear.

I do not have the exact procedure available to put here for your reference.  It may vary according to your country. Note
the email address you are sending to: 

Email Subject: enter the subject line from the confirmation message. That's the message you got which says "...We received a new tape request from you!"  This is important!  The subject has the word "Request" followed by an underline and some numbers.  The line also appears on the very first line of the same message.  This will connect your payment to your request.


After your payment is received, either by mail or by Paypal, you will receive an acknowledgement by email from us directly.  Your package will then
be mailed to you as soon as it is ready.  When your package is ready (just BEFORE it is mailed) we will send you another email telling you to expect it.  Often, your acknowledgement of payment is back to you in minutes to a couple of hours, but allow at least a day before you inquire.

We must have payment for previous requests before you can make a new request, unless you have received special permission.

Our system which makes your tapes before payment is received is an "honor system." You are expected to keep your promise. If you do not pay for your request, you won't be able to request tapes in the future except by paying in advance. Even worse, if you request tapes and then fail to send payment and don't respond to email either, your membership may be terminated.

If you have any questions, please write to: