We are using a system which is slightly unusual. Here is a summary.  Please study it carefully.

The Short Summary:
Our new system uses a list of items, as before, to choose from.  However, each list is posted for only a short time.  While the list is posted, you can make ONE and only one request from that list, but the request can be for many items.  After the list is closed, you cannot make any more requests from that list. The list is identified by a number.

After a short time, a new list will be posted.  Then you can choose items from the new list.

When you request items, you will send us email listing your choices.  I will send you email back confirming your request.  When you get the confirmation email from me, your request is approved.  We will make your items right away.  You will send payment for the request right away.  You can pay using if you like, or by mailing your payment to us as before.  You'll also get emails from us when we get your payment and when we send your items, so you will be well informed.

Our new system is one designed to allow for fast turnaround but still permit a wide selection.  I don't know any other clubs or distributors using a system quite like this.  We call it the "Rotating List System."

The summary above is just to get you acquainted with the rotating list system.  Now please read the detailed step-by-step instructions below.


Note: details have changed due to the many DVDR's we now have available. Please read carefully.

(1) Look at the request list at our website: and choose no more than 36 items.  Of these 36 items, no more than 20 may be tapes.    (For those using non-graphic browsers, an ugly text version of the list is at:

When choosing items, keep in mind that some of the tapes on the list will not appear on the next list.  Those tapes are identified with red lettering for the tape number, and they are called "rotating tapes".  Rotating tapes usually won't appear on two lists in a row.  It could be months before a rotating tape appears on a request list again.   However, DVDR's do not rotate - they will appear on each list. Only tape items rotate. This means that if you ask for only the first tape of a series instead of the whole series, you might have to wait a while before you can request the rest of that series.  However, Technogirls fansubs (on tape) will not rotate.  They will be on each list, allowing you to request them during any request cycle.

...............................MEDIA TYPES and CODES..............................
========Tape Media=========
Type   Code    Description
VHS      V     Fuji Pro-620 custom-loaded vhs T120, about $5
SVHS     S     Fuji consumer "Pro SVHS" T120, about $9
SVHS     P     Fuji SVHS broadcast grade H471S, about $12
Hi-8     H     Fuji Hi8 MP120, about $12

========DVDR Media=========
Type   Code    Description
DVDR     D     Generic 4.7GB DVDR such as Princo, about $6
DVDR     M     Premium 4.7GB DVDR, Pioneer or Mitsui, about $11

(Dollar amounts shown are approximate, reflect multiple items aggregate, may change, and do not include postage and packaging.) The exact costs of your request will be reported to you in step (3) below. 

(2) Send the list of items in an email to us at: "".  Format the list according to the instructions below.

When you make the list, request each item using the item ID prefixed to the item number, to identify your selection.  For instance, to ask for tape 209 in VHS, write "V209" (Prefix "V" to "209" to make "V209". Don't put a space between the ID and the number.) List the items in a column at the far left of your email.  (see example below)  Next to each item ID you may put a short title of the item, but it is not required. 

Important: each item's medium is identified in the list (as "Tape" or "DVDR" etc.) You cannot request a "Tape" with a DVDR code "D" or "M", nor can you request a "DVDR" with a tape code "V", "S", etc. You must use a DVDR code only for DVDR items, and Tape codes only for Tape items. If you want a "DVDR" title on tape, but that title is not listed anywhere on the list as a "Tape" item, it is not available as a tape. Some DVDR titles are available on tape, but not all.

See the example below.

Here's an example email:

Dear Technogirls:
I'd like to request the following from list number 1000:

V222 Romeo 5-8 (vhs)
S333 Sailor Moon 2 (R) 79-81 (svhs)
D828 Lady-Lady Movie (DVDR)

Stephanie Kim

Please format your request in the above manner. Don't forget to give your name!  Don't bother listing an alternate selection.  If we can't accept your email request exactly as you wrote it, we will ask you to change it and send it to us again. You need not give a detailed description of the item -- the code+number is all we need -- but adding some kind of description makes mistakes less likely.

(3) Wait for a reply by email.  Usually this will only take a few hours, but it could take 2 days on rare occasions.  If you did not receive a reply in 48 hours, send email and ask for help.

(4) Examine the reply carefully. Follow the instructions in the email reply that we send as an answer to your request.  The email will usually tell you that your request is now accepted and your items are being made.  But rarely it might ask you to change something in your request and try again.  Your request is not accepted until you receive email confirmation. If the email accepted your request, check the detailed list of items to make sure they match what you wanted. This is your last chance to report errors. If you don't report an error in 48 hours, we will assume that the list of items is exactly what you want, and we will begin making your requests.

(5)  The amount due will be given in your confirmation email.  It will also explain payment methods. Please send your payment promptly. We now accept payment through, which means you can use a credit card if you wish.  Your request won't be mailed until we get your payment.  If a new request list is posted, you won't be able to request items from the new list until we get your payment for your previous request. If you are slow in sending payment, we may delay making your items, which may mean you will be last to receive your request. If you are very slow in sending payment (20 days), we may cancel your request entirely. However if we don't cancel your request, you are still obligated to send payment for them. Non-payment will cause you to lose your request privileges, or will mean that you can only make requests by paying in advance.

(6)  We'll send you another confirmation email when your payment is received, to keep you informed. No reply is needed.

(7)  We'll send you a third email when we have your items ready for mailing.  No reply is needed.  This makes at least 3 emails that you will receive from us. Note that this email only means we packed your request - it does not mean we mailed them. Generally, we mail boxes 1-4 days after they are packed.

Remember: your email request will not be accepted if:
(A) you sent it after the list is closed,
(B) you haven't paid for a previous request yet,
(C) you asked for items not on the request list,
(D) you made errors in your list so that your request is unclear,
(E) you already made a request from the current request list,
(F) or you didn't identify yourself adequately and I couldn't figure out who you were.  (Give your name!)

In general:
The request list will be posted for 7 days. If it appears on a Monday, it will close on the following Sunday.  You must send your request before the list closes.  We will normally send an announcement when a new list is available.  Sorry, because our request system is so mechanized, we cannot easily make special exceptions.  You must be responsible for remembering to send your request in time.

The time before a new request list is posted will be uncertain.  It depends on how many items were requested from the previous list.

Packaging and Shipping
For US delivery, we pack items into a bubble-pak mailer and then put it inside a priority mail box.  For large requests, we custom pack items into larger boxes.  It is very rare for a tape to be damaged using this method.  When you make your request, you will receive a confirmation which will give the maximum number of packages you may receive but often your items will arrive in fewer packages than the number given.

For outside the US, we send items in bubblepak mailers by Airmail Letterpost mail.   By using #5 or #7 mailers with the ends cut so that an extra flap is available to fold over the end of the tapes, breakage is minimized.  We have had excellent results using this method.  We normally will not send more than one package to you each day.  This is because customs can, if they choose, decide that multiple packages from the same shipper are actually parts of the same shipment, and this means that it may exceed the gift minimum, and entitle the agency to tax or levy against the shipment, delaying it for weeks and costing you more money in inport duties than you paid for the items.

Payment Delays
Occasionally, members have sent payment by mail but it hasn't promptly arrived here.  We had two cases of cash sent from overseas which at first seemed to "disappear".  We worried that someone stole the mail.  However, we found that in both cases the airmail letter had incorrectly been transported by ground mail, taking about 40 days to cross the Atlantic.  This was the fault of the originating post office, and neither you nor I can control such delays when they happen.  Too often, large delays cause the sender or receiver to fear that the mail is lost or stolen, when in fact it is the fault of the sender who hadn't actually mailed it yet or the post office which delayed the delivery.  These kinds of problems are actually very rare, but when they happen it is important to be patient and allow the item to be found and delivered.

Shipment Delays
When you get your email notification that your items are ready, it may be 2-3 days before they are mailed.  Your package will arrive by US Priority Mail.  In the US, it will normally take 2-3 days for the mail to reach you.  Please allow at least 10 days after receiving the email notification before inquiring.  Outside the US, your packages travel by airmail, and they may take 5-15 days.  Customs delays are unpredictable and sometimes can be as much as several weeks, or as little as only 1 day.

Note: these are estimates only. The actual amount will be figured once you have made your request by email.  Your confirmation email will give the amount due and explain payment methods.  Amounts given below include shipping and handling.

Note: SVHS and Hi8 tapes don't work in standard VCR's. Use VHS instead.
Note: often, actual rates are one dollar higher or lower than the rates quoted, especially in larger quantities.  These are estimates only.
Note: You may choose items in ANY combinations.  For instance, you can ask for 4 vhs and 1 svhs tape and 5 DVDR's. There are no restrictions on mixing, except for the maximum request limits given earlier.

----------------RATES AS OF FEBRUARY 2002---------------------------------
Number of items --> 3V 10V 3S 10S 3P 10P 3D 15D 3M 15M
USA (San Fran.) 19 55 33 101 43 132 21 91 35 162
USA (New York) 21 63 35 109 46 144 23 95 37 165
Canada 26 85 39 131 51 162 24 99 38 170
Mexico 29 85 43 131 55 162 25 104 39 175
Europe-Min. (Fin) 34 90 47 136 60 167 29 109 43 179
Europe-Max. (UK) 34 100 47 146 60 178 29 109 43 179
Australia, Jpn, NZ 35 94 49 140 62 171 30 111 44 182
Rest of World-Min. (Peru) 36 103 49 149 63 181 28 112 43 183
Rest of World-Max. (Rus) 36 109 49 155 63 186 28 112 43 183

Rest of World: South + Central America, Russia, Middle East (Israel, Kuwait),
Malta, Philippines, all of Africa, all of South, Southeast, and Central Asia.

As a reference, below is a table with rates for requests in effect from 1999-2000. In early 2001, the US Postal Service imposed a massive rate increase, with postage for some destinations (like Peru) going up an amazing 100%. The average was about 25%. The postal service raised rates for Priority mail and Small Packet Airmail disproportionately in order to avoid the politically embarrassing necessity of raising the costs of letter mail more than 1 cent. It was unfair, but people mailing items accross the country or to foreign destinations had to pay the costs.

For reference only, below is a table of rates for the 1999-2000 period. THIS TABLE IS OBSOLETE AND IS SHOWN FOR REFERENCE ONLY.

    Number of tapes --> 1V  2V  3V  10V  1S  2S  3S  10S   1P  2P  3P  10P
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • USA (and poss.)     $10 $14 $19 $62  $15 $25 $35 $112  $18 $32 $45 $147
  • Canada              $10 $17 $22 $76  $15 $27 $37 $126  $19 $34 $48 $161
  • Mexico              $11 $20 $25 $86  $16 $30 $40 $136  $20 $37 $51 $171
  • South America       $12 $19 $25 $88  $17 $29 $40 $138  $21 $36 $51 $173
  • Europe              $13 $21 $28 $98  $18 $31 $44 $148  $22 $38 $54 $183
  • Africa, Asia        $14 $23 $31 $106 $19 $33 $46 $156  $22 $40 $56 $191
  • Australia, Pacific  $14 $23 $32 $110 $19 $34 $47 $160  $23 $41 $58 $195
  • -------------------

    Note: V=vhs HiFi Tape, S=High Grade SVHS Tape, P=Pro/Broadcast Grade SVHS Tape